ESSC- Entrepreneurship Sector Skill Council


ESSC- Entrepreneurship Sector Skill Council is a unique initiative to play proactive role and bridge the gap by creating a vibrant eco-system for quality training and skill development for the Entrepreneurship Sector. ESSC-Entrepreneurship Sector skill council is not for Profit, Organization Registered under the Company Registration Act-2013 Ministry of Corporate Affairs Govt. of India. As unemployment is increasing continuously. The Government is Unable to provide the Jobs as per the expectation of job seekers. Council is a work station where as on Entrepreneur create a lot of jobs for

the seekers.

  • The Council objective to create the Entrepreneur through their creativity & collaboration leading to Personal Development.
  • The Council Provide the standard Quality and Effectible value in Skill Education Development System on National Level.
  • The Council Promotes Entrepreneur to their business Sustainability Longevity.
  • The Council have a such Investigations further ideas & Theories could bring to the Desirable Synchronize Innovation.
  • The Council Provide the strong anthropoid Principle to replace the weak one.
  • The Council have a clear understanding of business operation.
  • The Council have transparency in business is Particular vital.
  • To conduct research and provide consultancy for entrepreneurship development.
  • To coordinate and collaborate with other organizations in undertaking training, research and other activities to increase outreach of the council.
  • To provide consultancy and monitoring service to MSMEs/ potential entrepreneurs and enhancing employability of participants.
  • To promote greater use of information technology in the activities/ functions of the ESSC.
  • To comply with statutory responsibility.
  • The Council has trained more than 5000 trainees including more than 2,600 eEDPs till date.
  • To promote and develop entrepreneurship.

Major Activities

The major activities of the Council inter alia include:

  • Training: The different kind of training programmes being organized by the council inter-alia include Trainers’ Training Programmes (TTPs); Management Development Programmes (MDPs); Orientation Programmes for Head of Departments (HoDs) and Electronic Entrepreneurship Development Programmes (eEDPs); Yoga Teacher Diploma in Evaluator Education Programmes (YTDEvEd,Ps) and Yoga Teacher Diploma in Elementary Education Programmes (YTDElEd,Ps) and Some programs of which are also copyrighted, specially designed sponsored activities for different target groups.
  • Research/Evaluation Studies: Besides the primary/basic research, the Institute has been undertaking review/evaluation of different government schemes/programmes, training need assessment- Skill Gap studies, industrial potential survey etc. The broad objective of these activities is the promotion of the Entrepreneur/MSME Sector.
  • Development of Course Curriculum/Syllabi: The Council has developed Model Syllabi for organizing Entrepreneurship Development Programmes. It also assists in Standardization of Common Training programmes.
  • Publications and Training Aids: The Council has been bringing out different Publicationson entrepreneurship and allied subjects. The Council has also assembled an Entrepreneurship Motivation Training brings out a quarterly Newsletter.
  • Cluster Interventions: The Institute has been actively involved in undertaking developmental programmes (Soft and Hard Interventions) in Clusters in different capacities. The council has so far handled a total of same Industrial Clusters.
  • Incubation Centres: The Incubator sponsored by the Ministry of MSME and functioning at the Campus of the Council, has been instrumental in providing hands-on training and familiarizing the beneficiaries with the real factory/market conditions/ situations in the area of stitching, Mobile Repairing, Home Décor products, Beautician and Art Incubation. Following activities are organized for the same:
  • (a) Self Employment Fair
  • (b) Functioned as Udyami
  • (c) Business plan preparation
  • (d) Institutional arrangements with Financial Institutes/ support organization(s)
  • (e) Linkage with Rojas Bharat/Udyami Bharat Scheme
  • (f) Post training follow up with the participants
  • Research: The Council undertakes research and studies either on its own or on sponsored basis and provides consultancy in the field of growth and development of MSME across India and beyond. The Council also acts as a catalyst and a resource centre for providing various inputs on policy formulation for promoting entrepreneurship and development of MSME to unemployed
  • Intellectual Property Facilitation Centre: The Intellectual Property Facilitation Centre, operational at the Campus of the council under the auspices of the O/o DC (MSME) provides facilitation/assistance under one roof to the units located in its vicinity for identification, registration, protection and management of Intellectual Property Rights, as a business tool.
  • The E-Module: EDP: The Council has developed an E-learning Module (Hindi and English & other local languages)for Entrepreneurship Development Programmes. The course material of the Module has been incorporated in a online. The Module has been launched in different States.
  • E-learning Modules on Different Subjects: Eight e-learning Modules have been created on Cyber Security, Communication Skills, Java Personality Development, Mathematical Modeling, Web Designing & Cloud Computing & mostly eEDP Electronic Entrepreneurship Development Programmes .
  • Hand-holding for Enterprise Creation and Employment Assistance to the Trainees: The Institute provides hand-holding services to candidates interested in self-employment and assists to find suitable wage employment if they do not opt for self-employment. For the same, an interaction platform called Rojgar Mela(s) is organized for prospective employees and trained persons.
  • International Activities:   The Council conducts Providing productivity labor to maximum companies coming from abroad And They are trained to train smoothly.
  • Consultancy Services (National and International): Offering consultancy services in the area of entrepreneurship especially for MSMEs. It Offers advice and consultancy to other Institutions engaged in entrepreneurial training either in the Government or in the Private Sector.
  • Recent Achievements
  • The Council has been certified as compliant to the requirements of Management System ISO 9001: 2015.
  • It has been accorded in-principle copyright courses by the TMR, Govt.of India. for starting a long term (two years) Yoga Teacher Diploma in Evaluator Education Programmes (YTDEvEd,Ps) and Yoga Teacher Diploma in Elementary Education Programmes (YTDElEd,Ps).

Partner Councils

The Institute, at present, has more than 300 Partner Institutions spread over India engaged in educational activities including those pertaining to entrepreneurial education/development.

  • Exceptionally
  • ESSC goes That eEDP or EDP be made compulsory for all students developing skills, So that he can establish his enterprise and for this we are already working. And want to work with you too, When will there be unemployment. Country will grow and skill development students will get self-employment and employment. Because even after training in skill development, the candidates continue to roam the unemployed. They have little knowledge in the direction and direction of setting up enterprises.


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