Q. Why a candidate is required to register with ESSC? 
A. Registration is a mandatory pre-requisite for appearing in the any course Examinations conducted by the ESSC- Entrepreneurship Sector Skill Council, Programme under guidelines  Government of India.

Q. Can a candidate register for more than one course at a time?
A. Yes, at any point of time, a candidate can hold more than a valid registration, for more course one time.


Q. How can a candidate get registered with the ESSC?
•  Click on ‘Apply Online’ at http://www.esscindia.org 
•  Select the Certificate Course any
•  Fill Registration Application Form
•  Upload your Photograph, Signature and Thumb Impression or ask requirement
•  Submit Registration Form
•  Note down Unique Application No.
•  Take Print Out of Application Form for future use
•  Pay Registration Fess through Online Payment Option (NEFT/RTGS, Online)(if payment option selected is ‘Candidate directly to ESSC’)

For institute Candidate:

•    Follow steps from 1-7 as above of Direct Candidates.
•    Payment option: ‘Candidate directly to ESSC’
•    Pay Registration Fess through Online Payment Option for one or multiple candidates ‘Accredited Institute’
•    Institute will verify the candidates by selecting one Level using their login id and passwords.
•    Pay Registration Fess through Online Payment Option for one or multiple candidates (if payment option selected is ‘Accredited Institute’)
•    Online dispatch the registration application forms to ESSC.


Q. What are the documents to be attached with online registration form?
A. No Need to send the documents. We have provided the declaration for the candidates that if candidate filled any wrong/inaccurate information in Online Registration Application form then candidate will be responsible for further legal or other consequences.

Q. How do I check the status of my Registration Application to any course?
A. Registration application status can be checked in the online student Portal http://www.esscindia.org   by supplying the Registration Application No. received during the filling up the Online Registration Application Form (ORAF)

Q.  do get select my accredited institute while filling-up of Online Registration Application Form?
A. While filling the Online Registration Application Form, the list of valid accredited institutes are available in the online form, the student can select the appropriate accredited institute from the list.


Q.   How much is the registration fee?
A. One time non refundable Registration fee is any course and should be paid through CSCs and online method.


Q. What are the cut-off dates for submitting the registration application form?
A. Registration is open throughout the year; however cut-off dates are there to process the application forms for any particular examination. The current schedule of cut-off dates of filled-in online registration application form at ESSC- Entrepreneurship Sector Skill Council:


Q. How can I know whether my application has been considered or not?
A. List of newly registered candidate is made available at our student portal, http://www.esscindia.org from time to time exams respectively. Candidate can see/check your registration application status from time to time on clicking on ‘Certification/Courses => level=> Check Application Status by entering application no. and date of birth in the student portal.


Q. My registration application was rejected(Kept -in-Abeyance), what to do next? 
A.  If your registration application was rejected due to any deficiency, you will be given a chance to rectify the deficiencies by complying with the required document within a scheduled time period. To re-consider your application, submit the necessary compliance through email at support[at]esscofindia[dot]gmail[dot]com or by post.

Q.   Can I get the registration fee back, in case my application is rejected?
A. One time non refundable Registration fee is the charges against the Registration Application process. One time non refundable Registration fee is neither refundable nor adjustable against any other payments/purpose. 

Q. If I missed the last date of registration, can I go for the same by paying some late fee or penalty?
A. There is no such provision as yet.


Payment of Registration Fees:

Q. What are the different methods of making payment for Registration? 
A. There are three methods available:
   (i) Online : Net Banking, Debit Card, Credit Card.
   (ii). NEFT/RTGS 


Q. How do I pay the registration fees on-line? Can I use internet banking?
A. Payment of registration fees through internet banking is permitted. You can also make payment of registration fees by using Net Banking available under Pay Online option. 


Q. Can I make payment of Registration fees by DD along with online forms?
A. No. Payment of registration fees by DD is not permitted along with online forms. You have to make online payment by using credit/debit cards/net banking/online Services only. 


Q. How an institute can make a payment for group of candidates together? 
A. There is no such provision as yet.


Q. I have finally submitted Online Registration Application within Cut-off date through Institute. Can institute verify and make payment after that?
A. As per the online Registraion Portal, institute can verify their candidates and first make fee payment only within the Cut-off date even if you have submitted application on last day. Institute will be online verify the Online Registration Form within the Cut-off date of Registration.


Q. I have been registered through an Accredited Institute, Can I pay my registration fee myself/ directly? 
A. Yes, you can pay the fees yourself by selecting the options in the section Fill the registration Details of the registration form.


Q. Can I choose the Accredited Institute option without contact the institute? 
A. You will be contact the accredited institute before filling of online registration/Re-registration/ Transfer of Registration application form.



Transfer/ Shifting of registration

Q.  How can I Transfer my Registration from one course to another?
What happens when a candidate applies for Registration at another course without qualifying all papers of a particular course at which he is already registered?
A. There is no such provision as yet.


Q.  I am a direct candidate. Am I eligible to Register as direct candidate at the next higher course immediately after clearing the current course?
A. To register at the next higher level, you have to fulfil the eligibility criteria for the next higher course at the time of seeking Registration with respect to educational qualification and experience.


Q.  I am Registered for any course but yet to clear the course. Can I Register for the next higher course?
A. If you are eligible for the next higher course you could get Registered for that course after cancelling the existing Registration number. However, you will not be given any chance to clear the left over paper of the previous course as your registration for the lower course will not be valid any more.


Q.   I have cleared all theory papers of course but left with practical papers. Am I eligible to Register for next higher course?
A. No. You have to clear all theory and practical papers as well as projects for shifting to the next higher course.

Q.   How to apply for transfer of registration from lower course to higher course?
A. There is no such provision as yet.


Validity of Registration:

Q.  Is a candidate required to seek Registration for every Examination?
A. No, Registration for each Examination is not required till the Registration number allotted for the course concerned is valid.

Q.  What is the remedy if a candidate fails to qualify all papers within the validity period of the Registration?
What is Re-Registration / Transfer of credit? How can a candidate get Re-Registered? What is the impact of Re-Registration on the papers already qualified?
A. If a candidate fails to qualify all papers of a particular course within the validity period of the Registration, he/she has to Re-Register and appear for the remaining papers. Validity of the Registration will then be extended for one time another full term i.e. time to clear the left-out papers/project/practical’s. One can apply for Re-Registration within a fix time after the expiry of the validity of his/her registration.

Q.  What are components to be cleared during the validity period of Registration?
A.  All theory papers, all applicable practical papers and projects will have to be cleared during the validity period of Registration No.

Q.   How to apply for Re-registration in any course ?
A. There is no such provision as yet.

Q.   When Can I do the Re-registration?
A. The candidate must apply for re-registration within fix time after expiry of validity period of Registration.

Q. Is Registration No. should be active for clearing any projects?
A. To clear any projects or practical or any theory papers, Registration No. must be live or active. 

Q. What should I do when the validity period of my Registration No. has expired?
A. If you have not availed the one time Re-registration option, you can apply for re-registration within one year of expiry of validity period of Registration No.


Q.   After doing Re-registration, How long will be validity period of Registration No.?
A. Re-registration will give you another full term validity period of that particular course.

Q. How to change my name in your database?
A. Send plain application in case of surname change consequent upon marriage of female candidate. Submit affidavit signed in front of Oath Commissioner or a First Class Magistrate/Executive Magistrate, in case change in name on own volition. Requests for change of name based on Notary affidavits or Newspaper advertisement alone shall not be accepted. 


Q.  How to get correction/addition done in my various particulars like Name / Father’s name/ Mother’s name/ e-mail Id/ Phone numbers/ Date of Birth etc.?
A. Send application in the prescribed formats available at:   Click Here  along with copy of relevant certificate(s). 

Q.  How to get my address changed?
A. Send an application in the prescribed format available on notary affidavits.
 Please note that, request send for change of address of candidates by accredited institute will not be considered.


Q.  Is the courses offered by the ESSC, are recognized by the Government?
A.  Yes, any course is duly recognized by Govt.of India. Please visit For any course.

Q. Where can I get any institute accredited by ESSC, in my locality?
A. We have more than thousands accredited institutes for quality education all over India and abroad. You may find the institutes from student portal, http://www.esscindia.org => search Institutes => country/states/district and visit them to decide which one to join.

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